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CE staff members wearing their house colors
Welcome to Our House
Castleberry Elementary is implementing an exciting new house system to build school community not only within grade levels, but with all students and staff. Each classroom and staff member has been sorted into one of five “houses,” which are named after the values CE encourages our students to embody: Respect (red), Ownership (green), Attitude (yellow), Responsibility (blue), and Safety (purple). Each house has created a crest, motto, and hand signal to contribute to a sense of pride for each house. 

Each grading period, houses will gather at a CE pep rally to share their house spirit and celebrate success; students are encouraged to wear their house colors. Students will have additional opportunities to build relationships with house members from various grade levels, including participating in house breakfasts in the cafeteria. Classes and students that are seen modeling our school values will have the chance to earn “ROARS” tickets for their house, and houses with the most points will periodically be rewarded with incentives.