You're Invited-Lunch with a Loved One

You're Invited-Lunch with a Loved One
Posted on 02/21/2020
Lunch with a Loved One

Parents, Guardians, and Family Members, 

We would like to invite you to “Lunch with a Loved One” with your child during their regular lunchtime on the dates listed above. You are welcome to bring your own lunch or you may purchase a lunch from the cafeteria and then take your child to the library to visit our spring Scholastic Book Fair afterwards. 

Please see important information below. 

 -All visitors must check in at the main office with a valid picture ID.
 -All visitors must be on the child’s emergency contact list. 
 -Visitors who are not on the emergency contact list will not be permitted and cannot be added the day of due to time restraints. 
 -Students who visit the book fair will need to return to class on their own afterwards. Students who need help getting back to class or have separation issues can be brought to the front office where staff members will be available to assist. 

Please see the the schedule below for lunch times and return to class from book fair times. If you have any questions, please contact our main office at 817-252-2300. 

All classes – 10:30-11:00 (Lunch)/(Return to class) 11:10

Gann/Hernandez/Enright(Flores) - (Lunch) 11:10-11:40/(Return to class) 11:55   
Washington/Clark - (Lunch) 11:15-11:45/(Return to class) 12:00

1st grade                                                          
Lopez/Balster/Escalante – (Lunch) 11:00-11:30/(Return to class) 11:45                     
Perez/Veliz – 11:05-11:35 (Lunch)/(Return to class) 11:50

2nd grade
Lee/Almon/Holder – (Lunch) 11:30-12:00/(Return to class) 12:15
Guerrero/Perez – (Lunch) 11:35-12:05/(Return to class) 12:20

3rd grade
All classes – 12:35-1:05 (Lunch)/(Return to class) 1:20                            

4th grade  
Roberson/Higgins/Davis/Reiner – 11:50-12:20 (Lunch)/(Return to class) 12:35   
Saucedo/Vanden – 11:55-12:25 (Lunch)/(Return to class) 12:40

5th grade
Vela/Cepeda – 12:05-12:35(Lunch)/(Return to class) 12:50   
Parker/Huntley/Althaus – 12:15-12:45 (Lunch)/(Return to class) 1:00