Spelling Bee 2022

CE held their annual spelling bee on Tuesday, November 29 at 8:30am.


Each 3rd - 5th grade class held a spelling bee to determine their top two participants.  

3rd Grade Participants were:
Destiny G.
Dawson P.
Joel H.
Grace P.
Javier G.
Jayden A.
Averie M.
Aleah M.
Camila M.
Heidi P.
Lorenzo L.
Mario M.

4th Grade Participants were:
Noah M.
Kerrah H.
Cooper C.
Julio L.
Joelliana B.
David G.
Kristen A.
T'Andre R.
Joselhin R.
Arturo C.

5th Grade Participants were:
Deriany S.
Evelyn M.
Melody G.
Oscar D.
David G.
Perla R.
Azul A.
Wyatt G.
Bruce K.
Camila N.


Our overall winner was 3rd grader Jayden Arvizu with the winning word of squinched. 
Our runner up was 4th grader Joelliana Banda.  She misspelled tomorrow.