Free Apps

20 Free Apps for ipadipad

* Miss Spell - spelling game
Story Kit - create your own story book
Children's Digital Library - free books for ipad
Flash to Pass - flash cards
Number Lines - a game for fractions, decimals, and percents
Money and Change - practice filling piggy banks
Khan Academy - learn almost anything
Quizlet - find or create flash cards for studying
Fit Brains Trainer - game for memory and concentration
Mathway - math problem-solving steps
Duolingo - learn a foreign language
TEDTalks - educational videos
Phone for Kidsall in one activity center for children HD
PBS Kids - videos
Stack the States - geography game
Toca Kitchen Monsters - explore cooking in a game
Math Drills Lite - math practice
Read me Stories - digital read alouds
Paper - explore your inner artist
Simple Mind - mind mapping